BIG Hammer


BIG Hammer

My little hammer works so well that I decided to build a much larger version. I generally scaled everything up but kept the same principals in mind. I have heard that the "professional" companies like Kuhn & Chambersburg use a ratio of 1:10 for their hammer head / anvil weight. My anvil weighs 3378 lb. and my hammer head will be 250 / 300 lb.
I am seeking guidance from Ron Kinyon himself for some of the finer points.

Here are some examples of BIG air hammers, followed by some of the steps 
in building my big Kinyon style hammer.

There are 21 fairly good pictures on this page, It will take some time (2 min.?)
to download if you have a slow connection like mine.


300 lb. Chambersburg

2000KG  Beche Hammer

Big Ole' Chambersburg

300 LB Bradley Helve Hammer
in bad condition



we begin with some basic 
plans, sketches & ideas

collect parts & pieces

all new Parker air parts

cutting the 7-1/2" round

handling the pieces 285lb. ea.

grind bevel for welding

parts & pieces


it took a year to find just 
the right piece of base plate

3-1/2" x 25" x 56"
1460 lb

3 pieces welded front & back
adding 2 more

5 pieces welded and set in placed 

all 7 pieces welded to each other and 
to the base plate

starting to take shape

Looking like a real hammer



frame: 24" x 7" I Beam

dies: 4340, 4" x 4" x 10"

anvil: 7 pieces of 7-1/2" round

base: 3-1/2 x 25" x 56"

more pictures of the main components 
can be seen by  
clicking here