My Air Hammer

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This is my Kinyon style home made air hammer. The plans can be bought on the ABANA web site store for about $15. I built this with the assistance of my sons Noah & Andy. It took about a week to build (after having collected all of the parts & pieces). We have roughly $1,000 invested in the material including about $500 for the Parker brand air components and the steel for the frame. This does not include numerous plumbing fittings, hose, or piping for a large volume of air from the compressor to the hammer. The 1-1/2" base plate is mounted to a pad of 4" x 6" wooden beams that are bolted together. The pad is then bolted to the concrete floor. The hammer is supplied with air from a 1-1/2" PVC line @ 100 lb. of air pressure. We have 3 compressors totaling 40 cfm. that can all be put on line at one time should it become necessary when I build the BIG hammer. The system has 230 gallons of storage plus the volume of nearly 100 feet of 1-1/2" pipe. This hammer uses a 4" x 4" x 10" square ram with a 4" x 4" flat die. I figure that the hammer head weighs about 65 lb. More construction details on following pages.

Pneumatic Parts
There are 5 Kinyon type air hammers within 50 miles and we all used PARKER air parts to build our hammers. Our local salesman has put together a package and price list.
  click here for that information.

Air Compressor
I did a lot of research to find the most compressor for the least amount of money. Although this compressor is sold through Harbor Freight, it is made in the USA. I need a heavy duty compressor because I use a lot of air tools and I will soon have the BIG hammer running. click here for that information.