Clear Finish
compiled from a discussion on TheForge e-mail list
Incralac is designed for non ferrous ie copper and brass etc, handles UV well so its ok outdoors sorta, Ive done a few clear coat test pieces including an incralac one and all are now rusty after 18 months. If its out
of the weather though it may fair better. I dont think you need to take it to a pro painter, use a mask and you will be fine, you can buy it in spray cans or tins at most hardware stores here in Australia.
Incralac comes in solvent and water based types now. The water based is actually a little harder than solvent and does not have the "nasty" solvents in it. If you use a little you can get it from Talas
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5 gal quantities can be purchased at a considerable savings over small quantities
from Stan-Chem themselves (manufacturer). If you order solvent, brace yourself for hazardous material charge.
Another plus for water based (no HMC)

Buddy Holmes
Waterfall Forge

For Incralac, a West-coat supplier is
Conservator's Emporium, Inc
100 Standing Rock Circle, Reno NV. 
(775) 852-0404. 
This product is intended for non-ferrous metals, esp.copper and bronze. 
I have not been able to find a similar specific product for ferrous metals.
 Custom Aerosol Packaging
 PO Box 1411
 Piqua, OH 45356

 Forgive me if this is a repeat.  I looked it up in the shop yesterday. You can get a small quantity, which they call their "touch up" can. You can also get an aerosol spray can. This stuff has 3 very toxic solvents in it- xylol, acetone and something else that I can't remember.