Aluminum Forging Burner by Byrne Lobdell

In looking at Ron's burner plans I came up with the thought that this may be a good heat sorce for Aluminum Forging. (Not as hot as a Rose Bud and more heat than a small propane torch.)

I took a 2 ft. 1 1/2" pipe and drilled just below threads a 9/16" hole and inserted a 1/4" x 2" nipple through hole into a 1/4" Street "L". Centered "L" in 1 1/2" pipe and then welded nipple to 1 1/2" pipe at 9/16" hole. I took a 1/4" pipe cap sanded top smooth, drilled a Nr. 60 hole (.040") hole in center and installed on Street "L". I then followed Ron's plans for burner and came up with the best heat sorce yet for heating Aluminum to a good forging temp.

The burner was welded on a 4" x 4" plate and then welded over center of Car rim for stand. Note the 8 ea. 9/16" holes drilled around top of 1 1/2" pipe for burner air supply. Important; Drill a 3/4" or larger hole in bottom of 4' x 4' plate and be that the hole is clear and and not blocked so it can vent when mounting on rim. (Propane is heaver than air and sinks to bottom. Might go bang if gas builds up in botton of 1 1/2" pipe stand. )

Rework by Byrne Lobdell <>