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ISSUE 5, 2004

Greetings from Miller Electric!

Welcome to Issue 5 of Power Click. The summer is quickly ending, but Miller Electric is just beginning to introduce new and exciting products, such as the Millermatic® 350 and Syncrowave® 350 LX with optional integrated cooler. In this issue you'll also read about the Richard Childress Racing and how Miller equipment plays a significant role in building their racing vehicles. In addition, you will see how Weir Slurry North America paid for their new welding equipment in only six months from their savings on productivity and efficiency.

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Terri Ann Barry, Editor
Miller Electric Mfg. Co.


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  Richard Childress Racing (RCR) Depends on

  Miller to Keep Their Cars in Top Shape

Richard Childress Racing (RCR) of Welcome, N.C. has a shop full of Miller equipment that they rely on to get their drivers back on the track. Whether it's fabricating a new car or repairing an old one, RCR says, "When you've got $3M to $10M race car sponsors, they want their stuff to look nice."


That's why RCR has everything from the Millermatic® 210, Dynasty™ 300, CP-302 to the Spectrum® 2050 to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Read more about RCR and Miller.


Deciphering Welding Symbols

As you may know, when welds are specified on         

engineering and fabrication drawings, a rather cryptic set of symbols is used as a sort of shorthand for describing the type of weld, its size, and other processing and finishing information.  Without a basic knowledge of these symbols, their meaning can become confusing. 

Miller is pleased to provide this story as a resource that will introduce you to common welding symbols and their meaning.  We hope that you find this Basic information helpful. 

Click here for a view of the complete article.


  Miller Products Pay For Themselves Within

      Six Months by Reducing Weld Spatter

For Weir Slurry North America, the decision to purchase new Miller products for their pump manufacturing division has  proven to be a solid one. Weir Slurry found that not only were they able to increase their productivity, but also that they could reduce energy costs with their new XMT® 304 inverters. In fact, they saved enough money within six months to cover the cost of purchasing the inverters.

From reducing consumables costs to shortening cleanup time, learn all of the details. 

Read the full article.


Keep on Celebrating...

Miller has lots of events and surprises in store for you as part of their yearlong 75th anniversary celebration! In additionto registering for monthly drawings at our celebration mini-site,, you can also take a peek at our latest video excerpts and photo galleries or join in our Scavenger Hunt to test your knowledge of welding.

The newest features to the mini-site include video excerpts from Discovery Channel's American Chopper, featuring the guys from Orange County Choppers (OCC) building the Miller Bike. The excerpts give you a firsthand look at how Paulie (Teutul Jr.) and the OCC designed, welded and argued their way through the bike's completion!

Also, don't forget the "Who Uses Blue?" and "How Blue Are You?" sections to get new welding ideas and to enter into    

                                    our monthly drawings to win great Miller prizes.

In The News

The Leader of the Pack: TIG Welders Help Power Motocross Fabricator

 New Equipment Digest

Weld Repair: The Right Choice


Get the sneak peek with ArcFLASH


New Millermatic® Offers

Pulsed MIG Welding At

An All-in-One Price

  For superior arc performance on thin-gauge aluminum, stainless steel and steel, check out the Millermatic® 350 MIG and 350P pulsed MIG power sources.

  The Millermatic 350's pulsed MIG welding capabilities provide reduced weld spatter, higher deposition rates and deposition efficiency and enhanced weld bead appearance compared to competitive machines. Even better, its list price is $3,680, which saves 30 percent or more. Read news release or go to Millermatic 350/350P product page.


New Synrcowave® 350 LX

   First TIG Welder Featuring

Integrated Water Cooler

  The Syncrowave® 350 LX is the industry's first AC/DC, TIG/Stick power source to feature an optional integrated water cooler. To prevent torch damage by monitoring coolant flow and temperature, the Cool-On-Demand™ feature operates only when needed.

  Miller offers a three-year warranty on its integrated coolers while other manufacturers offer only a one-year warranty. Read more about the integrated cooler and the new Syncro-Start™ technology or visit the Syncrowave® 350 LX product page.

Do You Know

  Miller offers technical articles and success stories on welding aluminum in the education section of  Learn helpful MIG hints, determine which TIG set-up is best and read first-hand accounts on the benefits of welding aluminum with Miller equipment. Click here to learn more.

Ask Andy

Motorsports Expertise

Question 1: Rookie Needs Help

I just got a spool gun and tried my hand at aluminum welding, but I cannot get a decent bead. My setup is a Millermatic® 251 with the Spoolmatic® 30A spool gun. Any advice would be appreciated. I've done a lot of practicing and have buried my practice pieces 4 feet deep so they cannot be found with a metal detector. Read Andy's answer.


Question 2: TIG Basics

I just bought a Syncrowave® 180 SD, but I have never used a TIG before. Some problems I have been having are: 1) I keep melting the tip of the tungsten even at low amps; 2) While welding I keep throwing sparks as though I am MIG welding. I’m never going to be welding anything thicker than 1/8-inch steel. Should I have a 1/16 or 3/32 tungsten? Read Andy's answer.


Question 3: Millermatic® 135 tripping 20A breaker?

Today, for the second time, my 20A dedicated breaker tripped while I was welding. I probably ran the longest beads I've ever run today and ran consecutive ones at about 4 minutes duration for each of 16 beads. The on-board thermal protection never fired. I'm thinking that the cheapo circuit breaker is just tired, and I'm going to swap it out tomorrow, but I'd appreciate your comments. Read Andy's answer.

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